Philosophy Café with Kristian Camilleri: How Objective is Science?

Our next Philosophy Café will be held on Tuesday May 3. Dr. Kristian Camilleri from the History and Philosophy of Science Program will ask “How Objective is Science?”, and lead discussion.

What exactly do we mean when we say science is objective? Does this refer to the ideal of unbiased judgment of individual scientists, the rigorous application of the scientific method, or the focus on an underlying reality rather than subjective appearances? Some argue that the objectivity of scientific inquiry is secured, not by the practice of individual researchers, but rather by the scientific community as a whole — scientific inquiry is fundamentally ‘social’ in character. I will discuss the idea that (social and political) values might sometimes actually play a role in making science more objective!

When: 6:30pm for a 7pm start on Tuesday May 3
Where: Tsubu Bar/café, Campus, rear 1888 Building

Food and drinks (alcoholic and non) available before and after the talk.

Come along for another fun, stimulating, informal evening of Philosophical Discussion.

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