Philosophy Café with Laura Schroeter: Do Robots Have Minds?

Our next Philosophy Café will be held on Tuesday April 5. Dr. Laura Schroeter from the Philosophy Department will talk about whether or not Robots have Minds, and lead the discussion.

What is it to have a mind? Could your mind survive the death of your body? Or do you and your mental life cease to exist as soon as your brain stops functioning? Which things have minds – dogs, spiders, robots, trees, planets? Is it ever possible to know for sure whether these things have minds? These big questions about the relation between minds and bodies are still hotly disputed: philosophers and scientists disagree not just about the answers but also about what evidence is relevant to answering them.

When: 6:30pm for a 7pm start on Tuesday April 5
Where: Tsubu Bar/café, Campus, rear 1888 Building

Food and drinks (alcoholic and non) available before and after the talk.

Come along for another fun, stimulating, informal evening of Philosophical Discussion.

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